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this totalism , is different. it is networked. wireless, and with willing paying customers carrying all the spy devices ( smart phones) for tracking eveyrone and eveyrthing. the world has never seen this. and it will make all money, all public space, and all communications, totally surveilled. all forms of trust ( abstraction of human relations) and physical spacial occupation) will be known to the totalists. i fear we are in the period of human history that must go through a great consolidation, or destroy civilization. there is no choice forwards but accepting great suffering or dropping out, embracing individual suffering . i don't even mention AI and genetically engineering pandemics to the mix, if you're not certain we are at a tnew point of technological civilization with major 'growing pains' , i don't know what to say, but 'freedom' is only a concept. were neolithic civilizations free ? they died and were slaves to constant fear of minor infection killing them. soap and antiseptics mean major freedom from death. technology provides freedom but ontop of a stack of social hierarchechal control, which as it escalates forwards, appears as 'totalism'. one day, totalism will be far far more complete than anything we can now imagine. as , inevitably, technological totalism, eventually covers reproductive freedom. you will not be free to select embryos and genes carrying certain probabiliteis of diseases, let alone guaranteed disease. this sounds like a utopia, until you realize that our collective social expectations will ratchet to the point that 'happiness' moves us forwards to a point of expectation and misery until the next benchmark of so called 'progress' is met. at this rate, however, one can fairly say that if our civilzation doesn't collapse, that in a few hundred years, people will find many types of the daily suffering we endure, as unimaginably primitive and that only a select few will romanticize the noble savagery of our times. for example, chronic pain effects an enormous amount of people, and pretty much everyone if they reach an old enough age.

will that be so in 300 years? good? bad? it's just a trajectory.

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We, modern moron slaves (MMS), do actually prefer to keep using different COLORS, https://postimg.cc/TyC3zbbX , than to Escape our current Civilization... https://postimg.cc/ts25SFNx

In fact, after the MMS behavior displayed during OPERATION COVIDIUS, I'm now certain that ~99% of the herds are willing to die or be culled to defend it no matter the level of sickness!

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"How to Escape from a Sick Society"... First one needs to escape the degenerate uman animal inside, or else there is nowhere to escape.

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Speaking up, out and refusing is the answer. I loved his Harvard address!

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A few years ago I was given sight of a document translated from Russian which declared that Solzhenitsyn was a traitorous writer, working for the West, while living in the USA and was actually out of touch with events in the Soviet Union. He was considered a propagandist by them.

The theory that an alternative society can succeed by running parallel to the developing totalitarian state is badly flawed.

Totalitarians such as the Romans (1st Reich), Catholics (2nd Reich), Nazis (3rd Reich) and (in the present) the UN and WEF (4th Reich) have built and perfected their system for 2,000 years.

They have an existing complex system of Justinian Law, supported by religious fundamentalism which inflicts immense unrelenting and unhealthy fear on the population.

To these foundations, they have recently added absolute control of all resources and monetary systems. They have their think tanks, agendas and corporations all working in tandem to build absolute control over all living things. They have foreseen all resistance and nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem. Simple things, like closing public houses and spaces drives us onto the internet where our activities can be closely monitored and removed or cancelled. Denying us access to water or land to grow food, poisoning the air and rain. Conducting blatant weather warfare on entire nations. Incarcerating those who dare to speak up. You get the picture.

I have tried to escape the matrix by living off grid and can assure you that the minute you run out of funds, you quickly find yourself a job or small business rather than become an outlaw who will be robbed of everything by the rapacious State, as soon as property taxes and unpaid bills mount up.

I realised that I could not extricate myself from the Reich, the Law, the obedient religious, the snitches and the busybodies who surrounded me, outnumbering me.

The next stage in the development of Totalitaria will be a deluge of new rules to obey and worst of all, an increasing loss of governance over our own bodies and, ultimately, our minds.

Spiritually we were defeated 2,000 years ago and the exit from Totalitaria depends on a critical mass of individuals actively overthrowing the existing Empire which will fight us fiercely and to the death.

That is, in my humble opinion, the only option available to us at this time.

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