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"For while remarkable achievements of human ingenuity, these technologies are a double-edged sword."

Perhaps you were going to get to this at some point in the series, they also spawn strife, foster lack of patience, and are given to immediate thoughtless, or far less thought out, responses and reactions to ideas put forth. Among the fruits of that are an unhealthy lack of empathy, sympathy, and forgiveness.

Then of course there's also the quest for fame, which has its own set of issues both individually as well as collectively. Fame itself is of course problematic, as people were never meant to be famous if they wanted to remain mentally healthy.

I've grown to hate our electronic culture. And despite the law of diminishing returns having kicked in years ago, with further advances in technology(ies), communication technologies in particular, people en masse continue to eagerly consume every new development in that regard.

Humanity is unhealthy as a result of it all. The worst of mankind has been allowed to proliferate because of it.

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You always use 'we'. You stop short of the discission of tribalism and a need for imternal culture because you are trying to reach a larger audience , one who has many persons who believe in humanistic individuation , itself an 'open society' concept designed, in part, to divide and conquer humans and atomize them with a placated self satisfaction , a false smugness, buried in a stoic false acceptance that unaffiliated people can get along spiritually when material conditions deteriorate. Tribalism and nation-ism keeps survivong despite millenia of civilized governments because of this false belief.

You know this.

So who is 'we'....that you refer to in your video discourse.?

Youre not the only one using this word.

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Fantastic presentation.

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