Yes, one rock group ... how disgusted I've been with all those musicians from my youth, that have either endorsed the tyranny or said nothing. Only Van and Eric, and the lesser known Right Said Fred, and a few previously unknowns have stepped up. Where are/were you, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan even and especially!, and too many other once-anti-establishment heroes? Mute sheep, all.

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American hyper capitalism is driving us into the abyss, having learned nothing from the authoritarian debacle in the Soviet Union & China. In those two nations they can at least say that external forces drove them into the madness. In the US, we can only point to deranged American traitors who are loyalists to a worldwide banking cabal born of satanism, evil.

Who will be our Solzhenitsyn? Our Plastic People rock band? And as individuals, e pluribus unum, what will be our roles? Sad duties, but necessary.

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Thank you for the excellent essay!

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The pandemic revealed the big lie of which Scientism is a major part, a basic mismatch between science as a mode of inquiry, with its strength deriving from its insistence on falsifiability, and Science as a univocal authority that is not to be questioned, which is the role demanded of it by the State.

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I am not an empty vessel waiting for the predator to fill me with fear and fawning worship.

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That spawned quite a few thoughts.

"The lies become all-encompassing, embrace all aspects of life and infect every corner of society. This occurrence is a sign that totalitarianism may be rising. For as the political philosopher Hannah Arendt noted, totalitarianism, at its essence, is an attempt at “transforming reality into fiction”. It is the attempt of corrupt and pathological state actors to impose a fictional account of the world onto the entire population. In Nazi Germany it was the idea of a superior race and an unclean people that formed the big lie, in the Soviet Union it was the belief that state communism could work and that all could be made equal. And from this big lie trickled down a stream of endless little lies."

Here's the thing, a "fictional account of the world" has already been firmly laid down and even cemented. The plans of the perps, who are global, and with heavy spiritual (aka satanic) origins, have been ongoing in the modern era for well over a hundred years, even two hundred years. While many people reject Christ and God, even they do not, otherwise they would not be Satanists. There is no Satan w/o God/Christ. They are anti-Christ.

What did Jesus plainly say in unequivocal terms? He said that one cannot worship God and mammon both, that doing that is mutually exclusive. There is all kinds of supporting evidence for that otherwise.

But consider, what is the "apple of our eye" here in the U.S. and westernized civilizations generally speaking? Is it not wealth, to be entertained, leisure, consumer goods? Of course it is, ... all of which revolve around mammon.

Do we, at large, even know what lies we're operating under? I say no, that we do not generally speaking. Our so-called "Christian" churches (social organizations/clubs more than anything) are legally more beholden to the government(s) than they are to God, due to their 501(c) status, and therefore must obey man more than they obey God, and if ever there's a conflict, as there has been over the past several years for instance, they will toe the government line, and will obey man, not God. Why? Mammon of course. They need their "funding" and "jobs" as supposed leaders of an apostate group of devotees.

The lies revolve around the Synagogue of Satan, the Babylonian Talmudists, who relish lying as a virtue, literally, and according to their Talmud, particularly when it pertains to subverting Christian morality.

One enormous lie that is incredibly easily proven, and demonstrates the vast extent of the ideological conditioning of western civilization, and easily demonstrates the pervasive cognitive dissonance in the same, yet which is easily disproven using simple 2nd-grade math (quite literally) and the most basic of research skills, and only minutes of one's time, is that of the Holocaust.

Yet it is THAT lie that has set the table and paved the way for so many others that have subverted our entire civilization. As part of that lie, or perhaps a fruit of it, or both even, any truly Christian influence in the west has been brought to its knees institutionally speaking. It has been replaced with enemy-speak.

Yet, people, and I'm referring to people calling themselves "awake" and "Christian" in particular.

So until one answers the question, within themselves, how is it that someone can possibly truly understand the network of lies, at the core, when the biggest premise during the lives of those living today, is not understood to be just that, namely a lie? How? The short answer is that it's not possible.

What did Jesus say? He said that the TRUTH would set us free. John 8:32 The audience that he was speaking to is ironic in this context.

We are far from the truth societally in terms of understanding the basis for all of the lies.

Ergo, how are we to effectively fight the global enemy, if we do not understand its origina. Simple, we can't and won't effectively fight it/them.

Ironically there's a great current analogy. Ukraine cannot effectively fight Russia, and has zero hope of ever winning that war. Why? Because the war is predicated upon lies. Ideologically, militarily, societally, politically, it's ALL predicated upon lies.

Those behind it don't care, because death and destruction (9-11 and Lahaina being to phenominal examples) are their sacraments. They spray the skies with toxins, deliberately pollute our waters and water systems, put toxins in our food, spray farms with toxins, force who knows what into oue commercial meats, try to sell us physiologically damaging protocols as "health care," etc.

As to the Holocaust Lie, if you take issue with it, I'm very open to hearing how 3 million (max), minus 6 million, equals over 5 million. Ping me if you can work that math.

Until people figure that out, and more obvious yet related things such as that 9-11 and Lahaina are the exact same types of operations conducted by the exact same people/perps/ilk, and as merely a single example, then we have no hope as such here on earth.

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Excellent. Thank you.

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