"How this revolution came to be, and how it achieved such profound political change in just 11 days, puzzles some historians."

The downfall of the Soviet bloc was gamed out and planned in advance in the West. Also, Czechoslovakia lacked a murderous internecine history that some other Communist entities had e.g. Yugoslavia. Combine both factors and one can deduce that 11 days of attaining a peaceful governmental transition was somewhat a marvel but certainly not a miracle.

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Is unjustified obedience a stepping stone towards mass psychosis? The root of it all is fear among some; cowardice amongst most. But at the meta level, I see it as a spiritual condition. Just can't escape that conclusion.

Mass Psychosis: A Psychological or Spiritual Condition?

An ancient example reveals why mass delusions may be spiritual, implacable and irreversible in nature


Quoted your excellent resource, BTW.

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I really like the written summary, and look forward to seeing the video when I'm in a good place to do that. How would you feel about me republishing it on my Substack?

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Hi, I'm an academic expert in this field. I'd like to talk to you about how your video is accidentally dangerous and idiotic to be frank. It really needs a revision. You ought to email me if you can see that part of my profile.

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